Equipal is the step platform you have always longed for and is most likely the last platform you will ever need to acquire.

Equipal's background

Equipal was designed and constructed to meet riders needs. The designers and developers of the product are professional rider and trainer Omppu Saarinen Lindberg and her husband Eero Lindberg. The very first Equipal was produced in 2016. Now, after several years of test usage, Equipal has been found to be so durable and functional that we wanted to make it available for all.

From idea to reality

The idea of Equipal was born from a pure need. There was a demand for a mounting platform which was durable and stable. A feature which was also needed was a function to clean the boot soles easily without shaking or pounding. And so Equipal was born.

Added safety

All riders certainly recognize the situation where sand has been left in between the boot bottom and stirrup causing a situation where the foot may slip from the stirrup. This may sometimes cause unpredictable situations in riding. When boot soles may be properly cleaned before mounting a horse the grip becomes more reliable. Even mounting a sensitive horse may be achieved with safe mindset.

Handmade of high quality materials

Equipal is handcrafted for heavy and outdoor use. The wooden construction of Equipal is weatherproof (pressure impregnated) and the bolts are galvanized steel. The brushes on top are high quality and have been selected carefully to meet the demand. These brushes may be easily replaced.

Equipal Standard

50cm high 

Equipal X

Equipal X is a higher model from Equipal. Equipal X is 65cm high and makes it even easier to mount your horse.